Can you Trust Bitcoin Casino Reviews? An insider’s honest experience.

Can you trust Casino Reviews?

A solid question that I am fairly certain has been on your mind at one point or another, while looking for either the best btc bonuses or best btc casinos on google or other search engines. It certainly is a question I can understand why you would have. After all this is gambling and gambling has a certain place in society and is quite often considered a taboo to discuss. Furthermore, there are hundreds, of not thousands of such sites around today. So how on earth you can be expected to trust the content you are server beats me too.

Based on my more than a decade worth of experience working for some of the biggest online casinos in the world, I will try to shed some light on the subject for you.

What is in it for a btc casino review site like yours?

Almost every single casino affiliate or review site like this sets out to do two things: acquire players for the casinos listed and earn a percentage of their casino expenditure back each month. The casinos advertised pays review sites a commission for every player referred and their subsequent activity. Typically this is a revenue share deal where such sites would receive 20-50% of the revenue generated on each player referred per month (net, after bonuses and winnings have been deducted).

Some btc casino review sites even charge a base fee for listing a casino (so does fiat review sites actually). While others take it one step further and ranks a casino higher depending on the upfront fee collected from the casino. I am not saying that every casino review site does this, because that is certainly not the case, but there are quite a few that exploit the traffic they generate, to the point of letting it influence their reviews in the pursuit of an extra buck.

Be Different – Be Honest – and How We do It

Needless to say, such business can be extremely attractive, but for new sites also extremely elusive. Hence I knew when I started this site that what was more important than anything else, was to create quality content generated from a player’s perspective. And finding a way to ensure that casino reviews are objective at all times (as much as they can be), by defining a set of parameters to score each casino on. With that in mind I created a unique bitcoin casino review methodology by which each casino is measured.

Now, I understand full well that might create some reviews that not every casino operator will agree with and might not even want to work with me because of that, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is if you are being served quality content that you can trust. Everything else comes second. If I then one day happen to turn a profit based on those principles, it just means I can dedicate more time towards the site and bring you even more quality content in the log run. But mark my words, I will never compromise on my principles for running this site.

You can therefore rest assured that all the bitcoin casino reviews you find here, always, always have your best interest at heart.

What You need to Look Out for as a Casino Player

I will list this in bullet form to make this a bit easier to refer back to and digest.

Always ensure that you know the terms and conditions of the bonuses that you receive.You will be thinking. What terms? I always recommend you know at leastthe wagering requirement of the bonus that you receive,any bet limitation that there may be, andany potential winning limitations on the bonus. Yes that actually does sometimes happen to be limited through their terms and conditions.How long has the casino been operating for? What this does is give you comfort knowing that your casino is safe. If the casino has been operating for five years versus a year, the casino with a longer track record tend to be likely to stay around even longer, as they have already gotten through the hard and expensive startup phase.Are there any withdrawal limits? More often than not every casino almost always has some sort of withdrawal limit. This can be daily, weekly or monthly. There are only a couple that actually do not have any, so keep an eye out for such terms.Is your initial deposit locked into a wagering requirement even if you do not take a bonus? When going through the terms and conditions of a casino listed here, I do find that hidden there from time to time. Needless to say, no such terms should ever appear and if it does, you can be sure I list it and mention it on the review.Can you contact the casino through live chat support whenever needed? Most casinos offer that today and it is rarely ever a problem, but certainly something to bear in mind if you should have any questions you need answering.

In Conclusion

There are certainly more that could be added to the list, but if you are able to answer the above, you are well set and protected. These are things that we cover in every single review as all terms and conditions of a casino that we list is read and dissected. Any bad terms not in favor of you as a player impacts their score and rank on this site.

In conclusion. Do your research, even just the bare minimum such as how long a casino has been operating for can save you some headache and discomfort later down the line. Be sure that if you go to a casino review site that you are being analytical and understand that the reviews may be skewed depending on the deals they received.

Until next time I wish you good fortune and good health!

Author: Ted Ray