(SPI) What It Is and How to Buy the SPI Token

David Smith

SPI is a new cryptocurrency token created by experts from the dropshipping industry. It’s the first solution that allows you to buy from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or one of many other cryptocurrencies. (SPI) launched without any ICO or token sale. When tokens became available for trading, the product was already live and fully functional. Something that is a rarity in the cryptocurrency community. Where many start token sales based on what they dream of being able to deliver one day. already delivered.

As you may have heard before, it is vital that any project has an actual use-case and a functional product. This ensures that you are actually investing your hard-earned cash into actual operations that are likely to be around for the foreseeable future. Developing a product takes time and money, and it, therefore, shows commitment. Has a Low Marketcap Still

The token started trading this week at just a few cents and peaked at almost $9. Giving it therefore a market cap of close to $9 million. A marketcap that many are theorizing is low for a project that actually has a working product at launch. Especially a working product to which there is already clearly a demand. After all, many of us already shop on Amazon and use cryptocurrencies in one way or another.

Additional eCommerce Shopping Benefits With $SPI

Using is free and if you are based in the US you can also benefit from free shipping with SPI. The free plan should be more than enough for you as you can make up to 20 orders a month. If you are looking to order than that though, they do offer 2 paid plans, allowing you to top up to 100 orders over a 30 day period AND receive 10% discount on Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

However, to get in on that, it does require at least 1000 SPI’s, which can be a bit intimidating for the average trader.

How to Buy (SPI) Cryptocurrency Token using Metamask and Uniswap

Purchasing’s SPI token is not as difficult as you may expect. As you will notice, it is not yet available on the likes of Binance, Bittrex or Coinbase, which means it is still early days for

Although there are a number of ways to acquire, we recommend you follow the how-to guide below if you are uncertain on how to proceed. If you are already a pro, you can ignore this guide entirely, as you will already know your way around Uniswap.

STEP 1: Create your MetaMask Wallet to use Ethereum

Create your MetaMask Wallet to get your own Ethereum address and storage. We highly recommend you follow this guide from Matic on how to do that – as that is by far the best tutorial on Metamask there is. As such, we do not think there is any need for us to reproduce something that is already great.

STEP 2: Go to’s Uniswap Trade Page

Now that you have your own Ethereum address, you are ready to start buying (SPI) Tokens.

To make sure you are using the correct address, go to’s trading page on Uniswap (Uniswap is the cryptocurrency token exchange you will be buying your tokens through. We recommend you use the link here, then click on “Market” tab and click the SPI/WETH under the “Pairs” column.

Alternative click here and go straight to Uniswap trading platform.

On Uniswap click the “Trade” button indicated on the screenshot below.

STEP 3: Connect your MetaMask Wallet to Uniswap

You will now be greeted with a notification. After reading, tick the “I understand” and hit “continue” to proceed.

From here click “Connect Wallet”.

On the popup click “Metamask“. Our screenshot says “Install Metamask” but don’t let that bother you, as you should already have installed it if you followed Step 1.

You will now be connecting your Metamask wallet up with Uniswap. Hit the Next button to continue to the next step.

Hit “Connect” on the next screen.

Step 4: Buy Your First $SPI With Ethereum

If you already have Ethereum in your account you can already now proceed to buy SPI. If you see the screen below on yours, hit the arrow button between the two fields to change what you are spending and what you are buying. Then change from WETH to ETH.

Enter the amount of Ethereum you want to spend and click the button underneath to proceed with buying SPI.

Your transaction is now processing and should become available on your Metamask account any minute now.

Don’t Have Ethereum? Here’s How to Get it

If you don’t have any Ethereum you can buy Ethereum directly in the Metamask wallet too.

Step 1: Open Your Metamask Wallet

In the top right corner of your browser you see a new icon of a fox. Click this icon to open your Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Buy Ethereum

Hit the “Buy” button that appears and on the next screen click “Wyre” to start buying your first Ethereum.

Due to privacy reasons, I cannot show you the next screens, but rest assured it is the same as any online purchasing you have done before using your Visa Credit or Debit Card.

You can find all the latest market data on SPI on Coingecko.

Stay Connected on SPI’s Progress

If you want to get more involved in the community and stay up to date on their development, we highly encourage you to head on over to their twitter account.

Full disclosure: I own a small stake in SPI.

Author: Ted Ray